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Real-Time Recruiting Alerts

Get real-time alerts on players that enter the portal. You no longer have to keep refreshing the page and then look up every single player. When the player enters the portal, you immediately get an email with that player's position, height, school, and of course, stats.


Filter and Find Players

Use our platform to find players in the portal. You can filter by sport, position, and more! Then you can easily see that player's stats and immediately contact them.


Create Highlight Videos and Scout Videos In Minutes

Use our Highlight Maker to simply filter and select plays. Then you can export your video straight to your own device. Plays are automatically linked to the videos and if you have URLs for the videos you wish to use, you only need to download your finished video!

Highlight Maker is only available for volleyball currently with support for All-22 Football Film coming soon.

See Advanced Stats for Players

Get advanced statistical analysis of players that goes beyond your current solution. See a player's teammate chemistry rating, impact rating, and more.

Advanced Stats is only available for sports with play-by-play game data.