Roster and Baseball

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Find Your Guy.

Whether you're looking for a sure-gloved first baseman that can bat cleanup or a reliable southpaw to give 'em the heater (Ricky), Roster helps you find the right players for your organization fast. We can help you find all of the players that you want and not have to sort through the mess of the ones you don't.


Get the Whole Picture

Gain a strategic edge with Roster's advanced stats. Access detailed player performance data in specific game scenarios, such as batting averages with runners in scoring position or pitching stats under pressure. You want the players you trust in the bottom of the ninth. Roster helps you find the guys that you can win with whether it's in Omaha or at your home stadium.

Simplify Your Workflow

Our platform is the only place you'll need to go to recruit transfers. All of your recruitment data, player evaluations, and scouting reports are in one place, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Don't switch between 10 different apps to look at one recruit. Instead, streamline your recruiting process with Roster