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Full Integration With Your Subscriptions

You have subscriptions that give you a lot of great information but they don't interact with the portal at all or give you a complete picture of your recruit, so you have to go to multiple sites just to decide if a player is worth recruiting. We thought that was pretty annoying and inefficient, so we fixed it. You can see all the information you want on your players as soon as they enter the portal. Combine this with automated video clipping and you save a lot of time.


Get More Than The Stats

We link a player's profile to popular recruiting sites so that your staff doesn't rely solely on their collegiate performance but can see the full recruiting picture.

Advanced Statistics and Filtering

Want to only see FCS running backs that get 10+ yards per carry and are taller than 6'10"? On Roster, you can find all of those players. Whatever you want to filter on, we can help you find that player and make sure that your team is the first to know when they enter the portal.