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What's Wrong With The Portal?

If you're not in the NCAA recruiting game, you may not be aware that the transfer portal is a complete mess. The portal was made for compliance administrators, not coaches. The introduction of the portal resulted in countless hours saved for compliance administrators, but it is also the cause of some the biggest headaches for coaches.

Lack of Information

Coaches have to manually refresh the portal any time they want to check if a new player has entered. When a player is in the portal, coaches can essentially only see their name, sport, and school. Position, height, years of eligibility, stats, etc. are all things a coach has to look up themselves. Before Roster, only coaches with large recruiting staffs could possibly have a chance to win in the portal.

Accelerated Timeframe

Coaches have years to recruit high school athletes. Theoretically coaches have weeks to recruit transfers but in reality only have days. With some sports seeing thousands of athletes enter the portal in a matter of days, it simply isn't possible to evaluate all of the players that want to trasnfer. This means that teams are missing out on potential good fits for their programs simply because they don't have time to give them adequate attention. With Roster, coaches can focus on evaluating players that fit their needs.

Roster is the Answer.

The only way for coaches to compete in this new confusing recruiting landscape is to leverage the massive amounts of data that you already pay for. And the only way to do that currently is by using Roster. Roster uses our propietary software to get you the information on recruits the fastest. There may be competitors who say they've built something simiilar, but Roster is available to use right now. And it's better than the tools other companies may have promised you but you've never gotten.

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